What is the best way to contact you?

    Phone, email or text are all acceptable ways of first communication.


    Phone: (204) 306-5009

    Fax: (204) 306-5010

    Cell and Text Messaging: (204) 930 - 4538

    Email: office@jgkimlaw.com


    We always try our best to respond to messages within 24 hours.

    How much will x cost?

    You may be familiar with the popular idea of lawyers billing by time. Although that is still true of many legal cases, oftentimes a flat-fee based pricing structure can be more appropriate and simpler.


    At JGK Law we believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to billing. We will always do our best to keep you informed and knowledgeable of any pricing as we work through the case.


    We have prepared a helpful pricing chart here to give an idea of the basic fees to expect. It is important to note that all files are subject to possible additional fees or expenses. Please also remember the pricing chart is only a guideline and we can not guarantee that the prices have not changed.

    What should I bring to my consultation?

    Feel free to bring your files and documents, especially if you feel they will be helpful. Every consultation is different and we aim to be flexible. Not everybody has the same level of legal knowledge, and that is absolutely fine with us.


    We also recommend you bring two pieces of government issued ID. We may also send you our Intake Form in order to expedite your visit.

    Do I have to fill out everything on the Intake Form?

    Fill out as much of it as you think is necessary. Some of the options will not apply.

    I didn't see it in your Services, can you do x for me?

    Maybe! It depends! Don't you love it when lawyers talk like that? If you don't see something you need, feel free to contact us anyway. We may be able to help or we can refer you to the appropriate source.